Many children, youth and adults all over the world, never got the chance to get basic or advanced education. Most of them belong to poor families and with the absence of education the circle of poverty goes on.

Furthermore, lot of kids from such families suffer from child and sexual abuse and are target for criminals to move them towards crime.

Many organizations are taking materialistic care on such people, but as we see, because of different reasons, poverty and illiteracy are growing.

The World Organization For Education (WOFE), was established in order to increase the world's awareness of this situation, upgrade the importance of Education and make education available to all.

Experienced Teachers and Educators are invited to use this website, to get involved directly or indirectly in the education of target students of all ages.
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studies in any level but does not have the ability to do so, or any person around the world who knows about such people, are invited to contact WOFE and will find it cooperative, friendly and helpful to support their plans.
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Donors are invited to make their donations here and now, to support the efforts of WOFE:
  1. To locate those who want or need WOFE's help.
  2. Get the best professionals to sort the candidates.
  3. Get the best available teachers or institutions for WOFE's students.
  4. Establish schools or institutes, wherever needed, to make education available even in areas where education is not available to all.
  5. Make WOFE known to many people as possible.
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Investors are invited to join the Next Generation Potential (NGP) program. The NGP program was created to finance the studies of successful WOFE students, who have great potential to be successful. They will receive a loan to finance their studies and are expected to be able to pay back these loans with profit to the investor from their future successful business.

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